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Dood Woof

Doodle Detangler Spray

Doodle Detangler Spray

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  • Effortless Grooming for Your Doodle: This Doodle Detangler Spray is designed to detangle and demat your dog's coat ensuring an easier, quicker, and more comfortable grooming experience for your dog. 
  • Human-Grade and Natural Ingredients: Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from using a 100% natural, human-grade, silicone-free, paraben-free, and SLS-free Detangler.
  • Gentle Care for Sensitive Skin: Formulated for the most sensitive of skins, the hypoallergenic and PH-balanced Doodle Detangler ensures a gentle yet effective grooming experience.
  • Support Ethical Practices: By choosing this vegan-friendly and cruelty-free grooming product, you're also contributing positively to animal welfare and environmental sustainability.
  • Proudly Made in the USA: Trust in the quality and safety of a product made according to the highest American standards.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 130 reviews
Rebecca P.
This quality product brought so much ease into my doodle grooming routine

This product is made with ingredients you can actually pronounce, things I would put on my own human skin. The scent of the lavender essential oils makes it feel like a spa like experience while making it much easier to brush out my doodle.

Best Detangler on the market HANDS DOWN

I’ve had doodles for years, and I have tried everything on the market to make brushing and upkeep easier. This is by far the best formula that I have ever used on my dog. The ingredients are super simple (unlike some other detanglers I’ve found that are harmful for your furry friend), the fragrance is AMAZING, and it leaves your doodle/poodle with shiny and mat-free coat. I would recommend to anyone who owns a doodle or poodle!!!

joy stockton

I got tired of the groomer shaving my doodle because of matting! No more mats with the doodle mat spray. Happy customer! Thanks

Smells so great and makes brushing super pleasant!

Brushing my doodle has always given me trouble. But with this detangler spray, it goes so smoothly. The smell is super pleasant and even the kids like brushing the dog now!

Anna spell
Real Deal - must have for my doodle!!

Love love this detangling spray. The other detanglers I have tried leave Goose oily and have a residue. Not this one. This detangler is so light and the lavender scent is amazing.You can tell this is a high-quality product and made brushing Goose so much easier and quicker!