Elina & Oscar, Founders

Hey! I'm Elina, and this is Oscar, Blue Eyed Tri-Colored Mini Bernedoodle (yes it's a mouthful lol). In 2023, I was laid off from from my tech job and thought "what better time to pursue this?". Fast forward a few months...Oscar and I are the Founders of Dood Woof on a mission to create healthy and happy lives for Doodles.

As a Doodle parent myself, I know firsthand the joys and challenges of raising a Doodle. Drawing from my own experiences, heavy research and interviews with many doodle owners, we're creating a one-stop shop for all things Doodle.

At Dood Woof, Oscar runs the Sales and Marketing while I handle day-to-day operations. We're so grateful to have your support. Welcome to our pack!