9 Doodle Haircut Ideas in 2023 (With Pictures)

If you're a proud owner of a Doodle, you know that these adorable hybrid dogs are more than just a pet; they are cherished members of the family. With their friendly personalities and irresistibly fluffy coats, Doodles have captured the hearts of dog lovers worldwide. Proper grooming and regular haircuts are essential for Doodles to ensure their coats remain healthy, tangle-free, and manageable. However, finding the right Doodle haircut can be quite the endeavor, as it requires considering both style and comfort for your furry friend.

From adorable teddy bear cuts to elegant poodle clips, let's discuss the most popular Doodle haircuts so that you can choose the perfect style for your furry friend.

Teddy Bear Cut

The most adorable Doodle breed haircut. This popular haircut style gives your Doodle a short and fluffy appearance, resembling a cuddly teddy bear. The Teddy Bear Cut is the perfect grooming style for those who prefer a medium-length cut for their Doodle. Whether you have a curly coat or wavy hair, this haircut style works well with all coat types. So, if you're looking for a classic and fun haircut for your furry friend, the Teddy Bear Cut is a great option that is sure to make heads turn!

During a Teddy Bear Cut, the hair on your Doodle's body and head is trimmed to a length of 0.5 to 2 inches, creating a neat and tidy look. This shorter hair not only keeps your pup cool during the hot summer months but also makes daily brushing and grooming sessions a breeze.

To complete the teddy bear look, the hair on your Doodle's face and paws is kept short and rounded. This not only maintains a clean and polished appearance but also ensures that their feet stay free from dirt and debris.

Summer Cut / Kennel Cut

Living in a hot climate? The Summer Cut (also known as the Kennel Cut) is a great choice for your Doodle. This short and clippered hairstyle is perfect for active families and hot climates, providing a low maintenance option that will keep your furry friend looking and feeling cool.

The Summer Cut involves trimming the hair on your Doodle's body to a short length, typically between a few millimeters up to about a quarter of an inch. This shorter hair not only reduces the time and effort spent on daily grooming sessions but also helps to prevent matting and tangling, saving you precious time and money.

One of the great benefits of the Summer Cut is its low maintenance nature. With less hair, there's less to clean and brush, making it an ideal choice for those who want to spend less time on grooming. Additionally, the shorter coat allows for a quicker drying time after water activities, ensuring your Doodle stays comfortable and happy.

Puppy Cut

The Puppy Cut is similar to the Teddy Bear Cut except there is uniform length all over the body. The uniform length all over the body creates a rounded and tidy shape, making your furry friend look like a forever-young puppy. It's the perfect haircut for those who want their Doodle to maintain that cute and fluffy appearance.

The Puppy Cut has several benefits that make it a popular choice among Doodle owners. Firstly, its uniform length makes grooming and upkeep a breeze. With no uneven patches of hair to worry about, daily brushing becomes a quick and easy task. Not to mention, the risk of hair mats and tangles is significantly reduced, saving you time and effort.

Lion Cut

Are you looking to give your beloved Doodle a regal and majestic makeover? The Lion Cut is a striking haircut style will have your furry friend resembling the king or queen of the animal kingdom in no time.

The Lion Cut involves shaving the body hair short, leaving a luxurious and flowing "mane" of hair around the head and neck area. This gives your Doodle a truly majestic appearance that is sure to turn heads.

It's important to note that the Lion Haircut requires a high level of maintenance. Daily brushing is necessary to keep the flowing mane looking its best. This helps to prevent tangles and keeps your Doodle looking like a true lion royalty.

Lamb Cut

The Lamb Cut is a variation of the popular teddy bear cut will give your furry friend an irresistible and fluffy appearance of a cuddly lamb.

To achieve the Lamb Cut, you'll want to trim the body hair short, giving your Doodle a tidy and rounded appearance. However, the secret to this adorable style lies in the long and flowing leg hair. Keeping the leg hair at a length of approximately 4 inches will create that fluffy lamb look that will melt hearts wherever your Doodle goes. For added lamb-like features, don't forget to give your Doodle shorter ears and a clean face. This will further enhance the cuteness factor and give your furry friend that adorable lamb appearance.

It's important to note that the Lamb Cut does require regular grooming to maintain its charm. Daily brushing is necessary to prevent any hair mats and keep the long leg hair looking fluffy and beautiful. A slicker brush is recommended for this type of coat.

Mohawk Cut

Are you looking to give your Doodle a fun and edgy look? Then the Mohawk Cut might be the perfect style for your furry friend! This cut choice allows you to give your Doodle a unique and stylish appearance that is sure to turn heads. One of the fun aspects of the Mohawk Cut is the ability to get creative with your stylistic decisions. You can choose to keep the mohawk natural in color, or if you want to make a bold statement, you can dye it in vibrant colors that reflect your Doodle's personality. This cut is perfect for photos and special occasions.

To achieve the Mohawk Cut, your Doodle's sides will be trimmed away, while a fluffy strip of hair will be left running down their back, resembling a classic mohawk. The width and length of the mohawk can be customized to suit your preference and your Doodle's individual style.

It's important to note that maintaining the Mohawk Cut does require frequent grooming to keep the mohawk looking fluffy and tidy. Regular grooming sessions, including brushing and trimming, will help you achieve and maintain the desired style.

Full Shave

Full Shave is the perfect low maintenance option The Full Shave is exactly what it sounds like - a complete shave from head to tail, removing all the hair. While it might be a drastic change in appearance, there are several reasons why this haircut style is a popular choice for many Doodle owners.

Firstly, if your Doodle is preparing for surgery, a Full Shave can be necessary. It allows for better access to the skin and makes it easier for the veterinarian to perform any necessary procedures. Plus, it helps with post-surgery cleanliness and reduces the risk of infection.

Extreme mats can be a challenge to deal with, especially in Doodles with thick and curly coats. A Full Shave is often recommended to eliminate these mats, making it easier to maintain your dog's hygiene and preventing any discomfort or tugging of the hair during grooming sessions.

Lastly, let's not forget about the sweltering summer heat! Doodles can have a lot of hair, and during hot summer months, a Full Shave can provide some much-needed relief. It helps your furry friend stay cool and comfortable, allowing for better air circulation and reducing the chances of overheating.

Poodle Cut

How about a more traditional Poodle cut? The Poodle Cut involves trimming the body hair short, but not too close to the skin. This gives your furry friend a clean and tidy appearance that is easy to maintain. However, the real charm of the Poodle Cut lies in the longer hair left on the face, creating a poofy and endearing look that is sure to melt your heart.

One of the great things about the Poodle Cut is the variation in hair length. The belly and face are typically trimmed shorter, while the hair on the top of the head, tail, and ears is left longer for a more dramatic effect. The longer hair on the feet also adds a touch of elegance to your Doodle's overall appearance.

Dino Cut

The Dino Cut is a true work of art that requires the expertise of a skilled groomer. It involves trimming small blocks of hair down the back, creating a distinct and eye-catching pattern that resembles the scales of a dinosaur. The tail is also carefully groomed to be slightly puffy, adding to the overall dino-inspired appearance.

To achieve the desired look of a dinosaur, the groomer will leave a small mane of hair at the head, giving your Doodle a regal and majestic appearance. This attention to detail truly sets the Dino Cut apart from other haircut styles.

It is important to note that the Dino Cut requires regular grooming and maintenance to keep it looking its best. Your furry friend will need frequent touch-ups to maintain the blocky tufts of hair and the puffy tail. But don't worry, the extra effort is well worth it when you see your Doodle flaunt their unique and stylish 'do!

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